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Used Looms

Is a Used Fireside Loom just what you were looking for?

We help Fireside Loom owners find new homes for their looms.  These looms are located with their owner.  Please contact the loom owner directly about their loom.

Buy with Confidence! We support buyers of  Used Fireside Looms with:

  • Free Phone Support to answer questions about their loom and be sure they can operate their Fireside Loom smoothly.
  • Free copy of the current documentation for your loom.
  • Reasonable prices for any minor repair and replacement parts, if needed.
  • Ongoing support through the entire life of your loom…that means for generations!
  • Expanded payment options by credit card for your used loom.
  • Shipping information for your used loom and possible discounted rates.
  • For general questions about Fireside Looms, we are here for you.  Contact Michelle at 724.283.0575 or

Our goal is to keep all Fireside Looms working and in the hands of weavers who love to create beautiful handwovens!

Looms for Sale by Owner

Fireside 40″ weaving width, 4 harness oak floor loom with a 2″ spaced sectional warping beam.  Comes with a 42″ solid oak bench with hinged lid for storage.  6 treadles, 12 dents per inch reed, 750 inserted eye heddles, and assorted shuttles.  It is in wonderful condition, barely used.  If new, loom would be $3,905; bench would be $395.  Asking price $3,100, OBO.  For more info and photos, contact Kris by email,  Located in Anacortes, Washington.

About Used Looms:

Selling their loom is a tough decision for most weavers, but sometimes space or health situations make it necessary. Fireside Looms last for generations because of their durability and time-tested design. Some owners are trying to sell their looms on their own, and we are assisting them by advertising them here. Looms noted as “Refurbished” are currently at our workshop in Butler PA allowing us to check all fasteners, fix any weak or worn parts, assure smooth mechanical operation and apply a new oil finish – since the looms are then LIKE NEW, we provide our 3-year warranty on all refurbished looms. Buyers may choose to add options or features to looms during their refurbishment.