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11 Nov 2009

4 Looms need New Homes

Posted by fireside

We recently took a close look at the used looms we have in storage.  I cannot believe that we have not found weavers anxious to own a Fireside Loom at a discounted price yet have the security of our 3-year warranty.  For various reasons, it was a sad time when the owners of these looms made the decision to sell their looms…and since they know how well these looms helped them to express their creativity, it’s even more frustrating for them to know they are sitting in storage…just waiting to be warped and treadled. 

Refurbished looms are thoroughly cleaned, sanded to remove any scratches and oiled to a beautiful smooth finish.  Every fastener is checked and we make sure lamms, harnesses, beams and treadles are smoothly operating together.  Buyers can add options or features to the loom at a great price during the refurbishment since we have the loom totally disassembled anyhow.  54" 8-harness oak loom

Refurbished looms can be ready for you much quicker than we can build one from scratch…so here’s your way to own a Fireside without the 6 month wait!

We are busy making college visits for our 2 sons, so if you’re located on our travel path you can save crating and shipping fees because we’ll deliver your loom for a small fee…so get on our schedule now! 

Check out this happy Weaver with one of our Used Fireside Looms that is just waiting for you! 

Visit the Used Looms page for new info, pictures and comments about the 4 great looms that need a new home!

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2 Responses to “4 Looms need New Homes”

  1. I am looking for a 54 8 harness fireside loom…I’m also not very good on a computer, so make it simple.Thank you Liza … please reply.


    Liza Briem

  2. Liza,

    Our current Used Loom listing has a 40″ 8-harness loom located in NY for a great price ($3,900). Check it out! The 2 refurbished looms we have are both 4-harness looms. I will be happy to provide you with a no-obligation quote for a new loom that meets your specifications. if a used loom would better suit your wallet, they do appear for sale from time-to-time so keep watching.



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