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1 Dec 2009

600 patterns for 4-harness looms

Posted by fireside

Yesterday was the typical “Deer Day” in our area – the boys donned their blaze orange and headed for Pap’s farm with hopes of tagging their buck for the year and filling our freezer with venison that we enjoy so much.  Well, no luck with the deer but upon their return home I surprised them by letting them know that the Cyber Monday shopping extended its way to custom looms this year…yes to us! 

We sold 2 of our Refurbished Looms – both 54″ 8-harness looms.  We will work on these refurbs after we complete the Traditional Tapestry Loom currently in our shop.  So if you want an 8-harness used loom – check out our Used Looms being sold by their owners. 

BUT, the looms still waiting to be refurbished in our workshop are real gems!  Yes, they are 4-harness looms and many people say they need more than 4 harnesses…but I wonder if sometimes 4-harness looms are bypassed just for the perceived need to have MORE!  When I took my first weaving class, I recall looking at a book full of patterns utilizing just 4 harnesses.  I was amazed with the possibilities and knew that it would take me years to experiment with those hundreds of patterns. 

So I’m making a Special Offer to anyone who orders the 4-harness Refurbished Looms by December 15th…you will receive a copy of  The Handweaver’s Pattern Directory; over 600 weaves for 4-shaft looms by Anne Dixon.  I am sure you will be inspired by the weaves found in this book!

Watch the Used Looms page closely because I am preparing a couple more looms to add to our Used Looms list this week.

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