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31 Jan 2010

Aprons of Sturdy Canvas help with tension

Posted by fireside

Aprons are a standard features on Fireside Looms.  Jack looms have an apron on the cloth beam while our tapestry looms have aprons on both the warping beam and the cloth beam.  I’m sure there are many opinions about the use of aprons, but we find that it is easier to gain even tension on the warp when using an apron.  We use our tie-on sticks in conjunction with the apron.  Our grommets are spaced approximately 4″ apart so you can easily tie either your warp bouts or your lacing for your tie-on sticks at small intervals.   The edge of our apron has a steel rod to provide rigidity between the grommets and the edge of the apron.

One thing  you don’t have to worry about is the Apron stretching out of shape.  Our Canvas is much heavier than the single-filled duck cloth you find in your local fabric store.   #10 Duck Canvas 14oz double-filled natural cotton is what we use.  Duck canvas that is numbered (#10) is woven from yarns that consist of 2 or more twisted/plied threads in both the warp and the weft (sometimes called the “filling”); the lower the number the heavier the canvas.  Using double-filled canvas provides the strength needed to withstand any high tension you place on your warp while weaving.

Older Fireside Looms utilized canvas webbing, not aprons, on the cloth beam.  It is a common upgrade for weavers to replace the webbing with a full apron.  The installation is easy using a power screwdriver.  We definitely recommend upgrading to an apron on the cloth beam when you add our worm drive tensioning system to your older Fireside Loom.

Aprons are approximately 2″ wider than your weaving width and long enough to fully extend from your cloth beam and over your breast beam while you tie-on your warp.  We are happy to make custom aprons for any loom. 

TIP:  To keep my apron in place during warping, I have a nylon loop tied through the end grommets that I place over the beater upright.

Below is a picture of an apron laced to the tie-on stick of the cloth beam.  Visit our Accessory Page on Aprons for additional pictures.

Apron laced to tie-on stick

Apron laced to tie-on stick

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