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Backseat can be added to any Fireside Bench

Backseat can be added to any Fireside Bench

Park-like backseat is great back support with curves in the right places to help you avoid leg pain. Add this backseat to our Commuter Bench.

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4 Responses to “Bench backseat”

  1. Please tell me how much the backseat is. I have the comuter bench.


    Margy Altmix

  2. Our backseat costs $215 usd for your choice of wood (maple, walnut, cherry, oak, ash) and sized to fit any classic benchtop for all bench widths (42″, 48″ 60″ and 72″). I will be happy to provide you with a Price Quote including shipping if you email me your postal address.



  3. I’m interested in a rough price quote for a commuter bench with back for a 60 inch gobelin tapestry loom. Also want is the approximate lead time?


    Cathie Beckman

  4. With a 60 inch loom we would suggest our 48″ commuter bench for $695. The back costs $215 for a total price of $910. Of course, you can select the wood type – oak, ash, maple, walnut, cherry – for the bench. With our current workshop schedule, we would build your bench in the first quarter of 2012. Email me your address and I will be happy to provide a price quote including shipping and to discuss our deposit and payment terms.



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