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23 May 2010

“So Warped” – Book Recommendation

Posted by fireside

This week I received my copy of  “So Warped – Warping a Loom for Weaving Tapestry” by Kathe Todd-Hooker and Pat Spark of Fine Fiber Press & Studio.  My first thrill was seeing our Fireside Tapestry Looms pictured among the many examples of tapestry looms at the beginning of the book.  Yes, we supplied the pictures but it sure is nice to see them in print!  Also, the “Loom Properties” chart in the Appendix allowed me to see how the many different styles of tapestry looms and compare their features (Fireside is the only tapestry loom with worm gear tensioning).

I recommend this book for ANYONE WHO WARPS A LOOM.  Yes, the title says tapestry but it far exceeds those boundaries.  Every page is dominated by pictures and illustrations clearly showing how to warp using many methods..107 pages explaining techniques with visual confirmation right there…AWESOME!  Chapter 13 devotes 18 pages to warping a floor loom beginning at the warping board, continuing to using raddles and lease sticks, beaming the warp, threading it and finally tying it to the front apron.  So even floor loom weavers will find this book informative.

Warping is sometimes my obstacle to starting a new weaving project of any type but this book guides you gently through the process and clearly shows the steps, corrections and hints.  I now the feel the urge to set this book by my loom and warp my naked loom for its next project.

For $35 plus shipping, this book should find its way onto every weaver’s shelf.  I am certain that Guilds will find “So Warped” a valuable resource for its members.  You can order your book by visiting the website of Fine Fiber Press & Studio.

Thanks Kathe and Pat for a superb reference book on warping!

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