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Tapestry Looms

Fireside offers different styles of Tapestry Looms.  Of course, the Traditional Tapestry loom made of mortise and tenon joinery, strong oak wood, and starting at 60″ widths is a familiar design used by many tapestry artists.  For those tapestry weavers who work on a much smaller scale, we have our cantilever-style looms in 24″, 36″ and 48″ widths.  Our Cantilever tapestry looms use leverage to provide you with the same tight tension and large shed achieved by the larger traditional-style looms.  Both loom designs utilize our worm drive for cloth tensioning so you can achieve infinite levels of tension from the front of the loom. 

Details and Features of Cantilever Looms

Traditional Tapestry Looms – the strongest and largest tapestry loom

Sami Warp Weighted Loom Information

In the past, we have a built a limited number of  our Tech-Style Loom
This loom is a significant modification to our Traditional Tapestry Loom
allowing multiple projects to be woven simultaneously.
  Please call us to discuss your interest in our Tech-Style Loom.