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Cantilever Tapestry

What is a Cantilever Loom?

24" Cantilever Tapestry Loom of Cherry Wood

24" Cantilever Tapestry Loom of Cherry Wood


 Our answer to the pleas of Tapestry Artists without the room for a Traditional Tapestry Loom that reaches nearly 8 feet tall and 6 feet wide is our Cantilever-style Tapestry Loom.   We have achieved high warp tension on 24”, 36” and 48” widths with a frame design of uprights that place the cloth and warp beams, the heaviest components of our loom, over the loom’s back legs to balance the tension and beating motion that is focused over the front legs.  Durable joinery of all the hardwood components provides the necessary strength.

Thanks to Carol Russell, author of Tapestry Handbook, for making us think “tall and small” as we designed a tapestry loom beautiful enough to nestle in a corner of your living room but strong enough for every bit of tension you need as you create your tapestry.  

Unique features include:



Take your warped loom to a workshop or studio in your minivan (the 24” width is a close fit in a car backseat too!).  Disconnect the treadle chains from the rocker arms and remove 6 large thumbscrews to separate the weaving frame from the leg assembly.  The weaving frame of a 24” loom measures 28” wide x 54” long x 24” deep.   Collapse the leg assembly for flat packing using an allen wrench to remove 4 bolts connecting the treadle rail to the legs.  Full disassembly is only 8 bolts away when the loom is not warped so you can achieve an entire “flat pack” of your loom for temporary storage or transport to a new studio.  

Reed for
warp control

Mounted below the harnesses is a reed so your warp is always evenly spaced as you create your tapestry.  You select the reed dpi, and we’ll provide it in stainless steel.

Warp area, large and accessible

Your warp in progress on a 24” width loom measures  25” x 25” and is framed by the loom, nothing to hamper your complete access as you work between the 2” plus shed for easy insertion of your weft design.  The warp is perfectly vertical at the front of the loom so you can sit comfortably, no far reaches as you create.  This large display area allows you to reference your completed tapestry sections. 

Sleying made easy

Providing a large warp working area means the heddles and reed sit at about shoulder height for most artists BUT sleying is a comfortable process (no standing on your tiptoes!) because you loosen 2 thumbscrews and the entire harness and reed assembly tilt forward.  You can easily thread the warp through the heddles and reed.  Texsolv heddles are 12” overall length and provided for a 12dpi sett (24”=300, 36”=500, 48”=600).  Additional heddles are available in qtys of 100.

And you can count on these standard Fireside features:

Worm drive tensioning system conveniently adjusted to your desired tension by a handle at the front of the loom.  Aprons on both cloth and warp beams help control even tension across the width of the warp.
Warp beam moves when you release the pawl from the gear and use the large handle located on the right side of the beam.   36” and 48” looms have gear and pawls on both sides of the loom for ensured hold against your tensioning.
Accessory Rail positioned at the perfect height to place bobbins, scissors, or even to rest your arms as you envision your design.
Cartoon holder displays your pattern immediately behind your warp.
Treadles easily change sheds and keep the shed open until the opposite treadle is pressed.