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Sami Warp Weighted

Sami Warp Weighted Loom

Sami Warp Weighted Loom

Our Sami Loom was designed to appear in a Scandinavian festival held at the Seattle Norweigen Museum.  We provided 20 looms for their workshop.  We referenced “The Warp-Weighted Loom” by Marta Hoffman during the design and production of the looms.  While the original loom was traditional, we also designed a 4-harness version to allow twills and other 4-harness patterns to be woven. 

Sami looms are constructed of fir and can be assembled/disassembled easily.  The cloth beam at the top of the loom handles your completed weaving while your warp length is bundled with weights at the bottom of the loom.  A brake handle keeps your cloth beam in place while weaving and removing the brake dowel releases your cloth beam for unwinding.

Dimensions of our Sami Loom:

Weaving Width


Height of Loom


Width of Loom


Depth of Loom 

45” total
27” frame

Sami Looms cost $485 USD for the traditional-style (2-harness);
$620 for the 4-harness version.