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Traditional Tapestry

Strong Frame Design….Capable of Holding High Tension
Infinite Tension Adjustment….Easy Disassembly

That’s what you get with the Fireside Traditional Tapestry Loom!

Traditional Tapestry Fireside Loom
Traditional Tapestry Fireside Loom



  • Traditional Tapestry Looms widths
          60″, 72″, 84″ or 96″
  • Choose oak or cherry wood
  • Beautiful natural oil finish
  • Stainless Steel Reed – your choice of dpi
  • Texsolv Heddles – enough for 12dpi sett




Strong - mortise & tenon joinery, double gears on beams, counterbalanced harnesses, solid wood cloth and warping beam, strong vertical beat from the beater bar

 Flexible- interchangeable reeds to help space warp, 15 minute disassembly for storing or moving  your loom, handles unlimited warp length

Comfortable - infinite tension adjustment from the front of the loom, accessory rail to store bobbins and scissors, multiple sets of cantilevered rear-mounted treadles so they are always within reach

Our Tapestry Commuter Bench perfectly compliments and matches your loom.  It glides along the width of your loom and provides a storage shelf between the bench legs.  Consider ordering a bench for your Fireside Tapestry Loom!