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29 Apr 2010

We are supporting OSLOOM project

Posted by fireside

Jacquard Looms are fascinating! Imagine the infinite design possibilities of weaving when you control each individual thread, of course with computer help. Margarita Benitez’s goal is to create loom building plans so individual weavers or fine arts schools can build their own such loom for much less than the $35,000 that a commercially-sold jacquard loom now costs. This ambitious undertaking helps bring this style of weaving into affordability for many more weavers…opening yet another path for people to express their creativity through weaving.

While we do not anticipate ever adding computer-capability to Fireside Looms, we do appreciate the contribution that computer-controlled looms make to the creativity and art of weaving. Please join us in supporting Margarita’s project by pledging your donation at Kickstarter by May 2nd. If she does not obtain pledges to complete her funding by May 2nd, she will receive none of the pledges made to date…with 77% of her funding now pledged and only 56 hours to go, she needs everyone’s support. You can donate any amount $1-$1,000…so consider even a small donation to support this project.

We see many Fireside Loom owners in the list of donors so far…THANKS!  We are proud to be part of a weaving community that supports both tradition and new technology in the world of weaving tools!

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2 Responses to “We are supporting OSLOOM project”

  1. Do you have a current price list?


    Ann doherty

  2. You can find our Current Price List on the right side of all webpages under “Links”. It’s called Price List – Fireside and is a PDF document that you can save or print. Our prices have been the same since 2007! If you would like a no-obligation quote on any Fireside products that include shipping costs, simply send an email with your shipping address and the product you are considering.



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