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30 Dec 2009

Wide Looms thru Narrow Doorways

Posted by fireside

My personal Fireside Loom is a 54″ walnut beauty with a double warping beam.  The loom is strategically placed in our home in front of the wall of windows so I have natural light to weave by.  A busy year left little time for weaving but the loom was always ready.  In November, I began my annual furniture shifting to allow space for our many Christmas decorations, especially our 11 foot Christmas tree.  I love the reflection of the tree lights off of the wall of windows and the brightness that greets our visitors as they view our tree through our large windows.  BUT WAIT! Our teenage sons detected immediately that the loom occupied the space where the Christmas tree must stand and now they waited for me to ask them to put their weightlifting training into action to  move the large loom.  Well, I called upon them to transfer some exercise equipment and storage units to their new basement home so both our tapestry loom and jack loom could reside in the “business room” of our home…yes, their muscles were put to good use as they navigated the basement stairs! 

The loom had to travel through 2 doorways and go around the stairway base in our narrow entryway.  The boys armed themselves with screwdrivers and prepared to disassemble the loom for the move.  Then Kevin, our engineering-minded son spoke up…the loom will fit, no need to disassemble.  Ben was skeptical but we decided to give it a try.  We opened up the front of the loom by lifting off the front beam and removing 4 screws to release the treadle rail; this gave us a way to maneuver through the doorways and around the bannister.  We lifted off the warping beam to make the loom its narrowest, without disassembly.  Then, we rolled the loom (love those casters!) easily through both 32″ doorways and turned around the stairway in the entryway.  No lifting and the loom was in place without a struggle.  Much easier than the boys anticipated with no need to flex their muscles (a visit to the weight room fixes that!).

I’m glad our Fireside Loom is designed to fit through doorways without total disassembly…after the holidays I may again yearn to be weaving in natural light and call upon my sons to move the loom once again…at least they’ll know the job is an easy one!

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